Merrithew & Thorsten, Inc.

Merrithew & Thorsten, Inc. is a personal financial advisory firm dedicated to providing comprehensive financial planning to middle America on a fee-only basis.

Our goal is to form long-term, fiduciary relationships with our clients in order to create, implement and manage holistic financial plans on an on-going, proactive basis. We seek to minimize client expenses and to eliminate all conflicts of interest between our clients and ourselves. Trust is the central element in the client/advisor relationship. By working with clients on a continuous basis and mitigating conflicts of interest, our clients can be certain that we have only their best interests in mind.

What Makes Us Different?

There are two factors that distinguish Merrithew & Thorsten, Inc. from the bulk of the financial planning/brokerage industry: our fee-only compensation system and our holistic approach.

A fee-only compensation structure is essential in ensuring that a financial advisor is thinking only of the client's best interests. We are compensated for our services through an annual retainer fee. Our clients know, up front, how much they will be billed and what services they will receive. There are never any hidden charges or added costs.

We have no products to sell - only our services. We do not sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds or insurance. We earn no commissions whatsoever. We have nothing to gain through our recommendations other than our clients' satisfaction.

Our holistic approach ensures that our clients' financial plans are complete and integrated. It is not sufficient to have only a well-structured investment plan. Investment decisions must take into account careful tax planning as well as estate and insurance planning. All of our recommendations take into consideration the effect that they will have on all other aspects of our clients' financial lives. In addition to a complete, integrated plan, we work with our clients on an on-going basis to proactively manage that plan. A financial plan is not static. A financial plan should not be a one-time, hardbound snap-shot. A true financial plan is dynamic. It is constantly evolving.